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Soft Play (Toddler)

A 4-storey playhouse including chutes, launching, hide-and-seek spaces for guests over the age of 4.

Freejump Arena – the Great Trampoline Space

Try your jumping skills on loads of inter-connected trampolines. Alone or together with friends, the whole family or the entire class as well as all of your buddies on your birthday party can try any of the jumping and bouncing games.

Performance Area – For the professionals

This is for the ones practiced in jumping, a game, which is an Olympic Sport, for guests over 10 years of age. Not only the trampoline athletes, any other sport teams, clubs may even do their training here!

Cageball – Basketball in a cage in pairs

This is a jumping basketball game in a net cage in pair. Score the most to win!


Dodgeball bouncing on trampolines. Avoid the balls coming your way. Have more fun jumping from the 45-degree trampoline!


Slam the ball! The impossible is no option, you can sack it!

Sticky wall

Jump and stick to the wall like Spiderman in a special suit.


A classic quick chute from the age of 8, you will land in balls.

Dropline – a steep chute

Get hoisted up and let yourself free as high as you dare. Have a great slide!

Gladiator Zone – Soft Ninja Space

Can you climb a horizontal ladder? Do you like balancing on a bar or crossing a sponge beam? This place is for you! No worries if you fall, you may start all over again and you land on fluffy sponges.

Airbag Zone

Fly high, land soft! Jump from trampolines on a huge airbag using your acrobatic skills!